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Dear All,

I may be known as a Transformation expert among my graduates, but not many people in Singapore and in Asia have yet heard about me. I have mentored, presented to and trained over thousands of men and women from all walks of lives … empowering people through my hands-on experiential immersion training — allowing them to live with a more passionate drive with a natural flow of discipline to create extraordinary results emotionally, financially and in their relationships, in fact, in all areas of their lives … saving attendees like yourself a 15-20 year learning curve.

How did they achieve it?

Simply by following my proven processes, tools and my 10-year proven best secrets on mastering the process of Creating Your Miracles.

I get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to break my participants from “tough to shift” negative emotions into action that is 100 times more powerful to create the results they love and unleash the potential that they thought did not exist and experience this power for life!



It’s amazing to experience the rave reviews of people whose lives have been massively transformed



Slyvia Han



Sylvia Han, home maker, Nu Skin distributor

It appears that I’ve everything a Singaporean woman desired – a loving husband, 2 children, a house, a car, annual vacations and a thriving business in direct sales. But in 2010, I felt really empty inside. I wasn’t happy or satisfied with any success I was having with neither my business nor my great family life. I felt that it was pointless to get out of bed. This ‘zombie’ state of living went on for a whole year and it finally came to a point that I wanted to walk away from the business. I was also thinking of running away from my marriage and kids. I felt that I had lost my direction in life. I felt alone, frustrated and depressed. The turning point came when I heard about MiracleLife’s program and when Miranda said this is the program that will answer my question on “what is my purpose in life”, I was sold and signed up immediately.

MiracleLife programs were “truly out of this world”! After every MiracleLife program ended, I felt energized, positive and ready to jump out of bed. I applied what I’ve learnt and for the next 30 days after, so many miracles happened to me, that I felt strange, but happy. Remember I was going to walk away from my business? My sales income grew by 87% in one month after the training. Thereafter, it grew month on month and has been on the upswing ever since then. I had sales dropping on my lap. I used to take an hour closing a sale, but the fastest I’ve ever done was 10 min before the customer signed on the dotted line.

This “new me” did not go unnoticed by my family. My children would surprise me with a hug or a kiss every now and then. My husband came home one day, sat next to me, put his arm around my shoulder and said “Hi, honey!”. Ever since the children came along, we haven’t had any quality time together and now, after 17 years of marriage, we are dating again.

I never believed that I could “do less and achieve more”. After the training program, I can!

Thank you, Miranda, for creating such a powerful and essential program! Thank you MiracleLife for giving me this wonderful gift of better family relationship, businesses and money!

I Live a MiracleLife!


500 SME

Asia Excellence Awardscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-2-22-02-pmgolden-brandsscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-2-22-02-pmladyofexcellence



Why are people so grateful for MiracleLife’s trainings?



It was a miraculous experience training in Singapore as I witnessed participants’ passion being unleashed, miracles being created and the eagerness to make things happen for themselves! Given the right training and coaching to create their miracles, they could be immensely fruitful and successful in their own relationships, businesses and financial results.

Although my schedule has been hectic, it was only in December 2013, due to high demand of people who want to attend my foundation training, I have decided to conduct it 5 times per year.

I know what you will be saying:

“I can’t afford this training … Although MiracleLife has helped many people in their businesses and relationships, but I can’t afford over thousand dollars to have me trained.”

But what if money was not an issue?



CYM Dates

Life Transformation Training

How MiracleLife Training Programs will Transform Your Life?


Creating Your Miracles training has to be attended first by participants, before they attend the advanced programs in MiracleLife.

This training helps them to:

  • Form a solid foundation to create more miracles and experience drive and discipline to make things happen in all areas of their lives and create results.
  • Become more at ease and live more of their amazing authentic selves.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in a 4.5-Day Training (Worth SGD$1,388)

Profound world-class processes to:

  • Learn the Miracle Method to enable permanent breakthroughs in all areas of your lives!
  • Experience more love, passion and happiness in work and relationships!
  • Identify the mindsets that are causing you challenges in creating the successes you crave for in
    different areas of your life!
  • Walk out of the training with a Daily Power Process that you can use every day to shift yourself from procrastination to immediate action!
  • Break yourself out from fear and ego based emotions and get in touch with the light!
  • Beat your own expectation in achieving your goals.
  • Unleash the potential that you thought did not exist and experience this power in the training!
  • Have the courage to do what you know you should do but were too afraid to do them before.
  • Provide you opportunities to become aware of your habits and behaviours and discover whether these habits are bringing you to success.
  • Give you the opportunity to be shaken at a cellular level and release the old dis-empowering beliefs and emotional patterns that have been the causes of your unsatisfactory results in your life.







Creating Your Miracles 4.5-day Schedule

  • 20 – 23 Feb (9 a.m. – Late night) & 26 Feb 2020 (7:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.)
  • 26 – 29 Mar (9 a.m. – Late night) & 1 Apr 2020 (7:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.)


Heartfelt testimonials from participants



If you are still as doubtful as ever… WATCH this Highlight to Experience It Yourself!



Give me 4.5 Days. Your being will never be the same again. Once you get trained in Creating Your Miracles, it will be virtually not possible for you to not have the foundation and ability to be creating your miracles and have a natural flow of discipline to create the results you want. These processes and tools in Creating Your Miracles are used by many individuals to lead a rich and fulfilling life. These processes and tools are not gimmick.

  • They are simple and effective
  • They are proven and guaranteed
  • They are experiential and life-changing

So, I would like to welcome you to one of the “GREATEST” part of your life!

  • Imagine if you are able to have the tools and processes to create your miracle life
  • Imagine if you are able to make way more money, build more intimate relationships and have time breakthrough in your life

I now open the door of opportunities for you – so TAKE ACTION to secure your seat in the 4-Day CREATING YOUR MIRACLE Training with your MIRACLEPASS Ticket NOW! This will be one of the most rewarding training you will ever come across!

The Choice is Yours.







P.S. Seats are limited. So take action to reserve your seat RIGHT NOW by clicking on the MiraclePass button below or you can give us a call at our office at +65 6224 9633.

CYM Dates

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