Miracle Circle

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Continue to experience breakthroughs

emotionally, financially and in your

relationships…..Tuition Free!

Miracle Circle

Dear Graduates:

It has been constantly on our mind to bring you ways to help you implement what you’ve learnt in MiracleLife training programs. Only when you apply what you’ve learnt, you are able to experience breakthroughs. We know, to cause for change, consistent revision & reconditioning are required; being part of the right peer group, is also a key.

Miranda would like us to create a Miracle World. It is a home for you. Your Heaven on Earth. In this world, you the Miracle people, have a sense of belonging to each other; you help each other to revise and implement what you have learnt. You inspire each other to grow your wisdom and shower each other with love. We intend for you to live in more moments of happiness, passion & fulfilment.

We intend for you to fulfil your heart calling dreams. That’s what MiracleLife exist for.

Being an Angel and an Associate are part of building and experiencing this Miracle World. Now we are going to offer you a precious gift to expand this world by launching the Miracle Circle! 


To find out more about Miracle Circle, click on the video from Miranda, below:

If you would like to become a Miracle Circle member

Call Alexander at +65 8100 3537 or email at alexanderk@miraclelifeinternational.com

We look forward to have you in Miracle Circle and expand the Miracle World for you and others.

Warmest Regards


Register to join the Miracle Circle group near to you. Each group is limited to 9-10 pax, first come first serve basis, please register asap.

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