Welcome to Ultimate Transformation

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To a miraculous life!

To live with passion and turn what you perceive to be impossible into reality, there are 5 elements that are an absolute Must to experience:

  1. Doing what you love!

You’ll go through phenomenal processes that will help you discover what your heart & soul is calling you to do; your passion & life mission!  There will be strong clarity of your life direction. You’ll live your own signature! Voices of “should” or “should not” will dissipate through the processes.

  1. Being able to transform damaging thoughts and emotions into supportive ones. PERMANENTLY not feel the same disempowering emotions again for the same issue/people.


Passion in Life – Ultimate Transformation –  is well-known for an extraordinary process that once you apply it, these will occur:

  • You’ll never feel the same negative emotions again for the same issue/people
  • Body symptoms are healed.  You’ll feel energized, awake and alive! We get sick also because of the disempowering emotions that are stored in our body. 
  • Instead of you having to “push yourself” to behave differently, many amazing beliefs and values will become part of your very being. 


  1. Being able to be passionately driven & pulled to take necessary action to create your dream results


  1. Mastering the skills required & establishing effective strategies to achieve your visions.


  • You’ll discover possible career vehicles that you could take on to express your passion
  • Establish strategies for you to do what you love and be financially successful
  • Formulate solutions to tackle the possible challenges you may face as you live your life mission


  1. Be in an environment that empowers you to live a life you love!


We become our environment.  You’ll identify how much potential your people environment is bringing out of you.  We will show you the exact steps to take if you are in a situation that your environment is not serving you.


“One of the first things to instill in one to bring about change and extraordinary results is Passion!” Miranda says.  Otherwise, people can have all the knowledge, but not apply it; their potential will never be maximized.

Don’t wait!  Take the step to transform your life so you can experience the joy and fruits that you deserve NOW!  We look forward to working with you to build your Heaven On Earth.